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The Tony Robbins Blog

Love & Relationships

Watching your tone

How you speak to your partner can determine your relationship’s future

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The Tony Robbins Podcast

Episode 10: Are you a wantrapreneur?

Noah Kagan explains the 3 ways you can become a real entrepreneur

Health & Vitality

What is NuCalm?

The relaxation technology that everyone is talking about

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Episode 9: Mastering sales

Tony's interview with the late Chet Holmes, the "Ultimate Sales Machine"

Health & Vitality

Is our kids’ diet making them sick?

Food analyst Robyn O'Brien reveals a big threat to American children today

Mind & Meaning

The power of touch

Neuroscientist David Linden explains why touch is so critical for health

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Episode 8: The #1 secret to productivity

Featuring Charles Duhigg, author of NYT bestseller The Power of Habit

Love & Relationships

The beauty of uncertainty

Learn how to use uncertainty to find lasting love

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Episode 7: Investing Smart

Featuring Ashwin Vasan, CIO of macro hedge fund Trend Capital